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The New MassMirror is Here

by MassMirror on 7/4/2016

Into the Future

We are proud to introduce our newest most innovative version of MassMirror to date. We have rewritten MassMirror from the bottom up to provide the next generation of file sharing solutions. MassMirror has always lead the pack with new file sharing technologies. We have been working towards the goal of P2P sharing over the web for over a decade. We started the foundations which have helped spawn cloud file hosting and file sharding. Now we are pushing the envelope even more.. There comes a time in every sites' lifetime that it must either adapt with the times. Freedom to share is an important aspect of life. Therefore we have adapted MassMirorr with bleeding-edge technology to allow sharing of files over the web peer-to-peer. So what makes this new version different? Innovation.


MassMirror has been reborn as a P2P web file sharing platform. Redesigned from the ground up to allow mirroring of files anywhere on the globe. We have thrown out the typical bag of tricks that most file mirrors use to trick you into viewing advertisements. We do not display trick advertisements on Instead we respect our visitors as well as our file owners and ensure that MassMirror is not plagued with advertisements.

Sharing is Freedom

The most important asset the Internet yields is it's ability to share. Sharing of information and data has become the primary use of the internet. Downloads, streaming, and sharing have become a part of every day life. Typical file sharing platforms rely on saving your file or data to their storage devices. This is a major problem for privacy as hackers and exploits can result in the loss of your personal data. The call for a private P2P file sharing network has been answered. MassMirror bridges the gap between file sharing and P2P by allowing p2p over the web. If you can imagine it you can share it. Files uploaded are never saved by MassMirror. Instead your browser becomes the file send server. Links are never exposed publicly meaning you have full control of your file distribution. The only people who can download your shared file are those you share your personal mirror link or .massmirror generated file with. As peers grow users downloading also will share among the mirror of users who are accessing the download. This mirror hive will then continue to distribute the file so long as at least one seeder exists. This is the basis of how MassMirror works as a fully functional unlimited P2P file sharing network.


MassMirror does not allow sharing of illegal files or those deemed banned by our privacy policy & terms of service. We work with copyright owners to remove pirated material from our service. Illegal file sharing is not permitted.