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About MassMirror

MassMirror est. 2007 is file sharing on the web. Sharing is no longer limited to file send servers or file sharing apps. MassMirror allows anyone around the world to share files anonymously without restriction using their own bandwidth to transfer files to anywhere in the world in a p2p environment.

Privacy is important for sensitive documents and information. That is why MassMirror never actually downloads your file. The file always remains in your posession or that of the shared users. In short your file never ends up on any server hosted by MassMirror. See our Privacy Policy for more details.



You have the right to share files and information you own. You do not have the right to share files or documents not owned by you or an entity you represent. Upon request MassMirror will block future connections to shares that are deemed illegal or violate copyright law. Explicitly MassMirror requires ownership verification before such a take down request is considered. See our legal page for more details.

We do not condone illegal file sharing.
To report a link for mis-use or mis-conduct Contact US